The wedding day is very hectic

Basics Wedding Planning Tips For Brides And GroomsMany brides and bride grooms plan their wedding at the last minute and rush into the preparations. While you still wonder how to make your wedding a grand success you need to know some basic wedding planning tips. These tips are both for the bride and the groom.Here are some helpful tips for wedding planning:• Coordinate out of stress:The wedding day is very hectic, so if the caterer is not providing you with a coordinator, hire one for the day. This is something that will take off the pressure from your mind and keep you, your friends and family from getting stressed about details dresses and wedding .

• List of guests:Create a guest list by using web resources, register for gifts too. You can keep track of guests who will or will not attend black dress .

This guest list will keep you well prepared and organized and it can be made easily accessible to update the last minute changes in RSVPs.• Menu highlight:For a personal touch, incorporate foods that represent you and the groom in your menu. You can include a family recipe or a meal that represents the bride or the groom's hometown. There are some other ideas like theme menus, dessert buffet with tiny sweets and candy bars.• Save for both:Talk to the caterer and ask him to save some food for the groom and you. At most weddings, the couple is busy greeting guests and often misses out on the meal.• Chart map:You need to make a seating chart at the earliest. The best suggestion is to make a poster board chart with tables that are numbered with a Velcro seat which are easily movable at the last moment. You can make it interactive if you do it online.• Guest interest:When you plan a destination wedding, leave the goodie bags at the hotel for the guests. Fun things in the bag can include personalized bottled waters, bags of snacks, flip flops for dancing and the area map. Create a list of wedding activities, location along with a list of local attractions. This will keep the guests engaged when they are not at the wedding.• Walk the aisle:Ensure that you walk in the street and you} the wedding shoes a few times before you wear them on the wedding day. The sole of the new shoes can hurt or can be slick. Of course , you would not like to slip down the aisle, would you?• Passing the passport:Check the passports if you are heading for a honeymoon out of your country, to make sure they are not expired. It can take around 4 to 6 weeks to renew the passport, thus make sure you plan this well in advance dress and black .

• Collector's item:Collect all a document in a folder, documents you need for the wedding and the honeymoon, like the wedding license, flight information and passports, etc• Wedding inventory:The most important part of how to plan a wedding is creating an inventory of all the items that you need to take with you at the end of the wedding night bridal party dresses .

Give them to one of your family member or give it to your planner. This will help you gather everything, from the heirloom cake knife to the veil cheap dresses .

This will ensure that nothing is left behind.