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8 Pros And Cons Of Destination WeddingsA destination wedding essentially means a wedding held away from the couples normal place of residence and usually overseas. This kind of wedding has soared in popularity, increasing 400% in the last ten years wedding and dresses .

The appeal is in having a wedding which combines adventure, tradition, paradise and an element of the unknown, whilst sometimes being a cheaper alternative to staying at home edress online .

Whilst some destination weddings involve only the couple themselves, others include an intimate gathering of close family and friends and at the top of the scale are the big grand weddings, with everyone invited and numerous parties taking place over the course of a weekend.So if you are considering a destination wedding and wondering if it is right for you, here are some pros and cons for you to think about.Pro: A Complete Package The benefit of a destination wedding is that the resorts that offer wedding packages will include just about everything you could possibly want. This is big business for them, so they will compete on package size and the services they offer. A typical package could include: ceremony and local officials, photographs and video, reception, flowers, hair and make up, wedding cake, choice of ceremony locations. Along with this the happy couple may be treated to a room upgrade both before and after the wedding, along with free dinners, excursions and activities.Con: Planning a Wedding Long Distance and Legal Red Tape You need to be familiar with the legal requirements for marrying in your chosen destination. For some it is just a matter of being 'resident for a few days, other will require extensive legal paperwork to be carried out before hand. So make sure you check before you book as to what is required. If the process looks particularly complicated then hire a local wedding coordinator to help sort everything out for you. You may also need to find local wedding vendors if you are not taking a package deal for your wedding.Pro: Avoiding Stressful Family Situations Your guest list is likely to be smaller than if you had your wedding locally & with booking a wedding package you will avoid lots of the stress normally associated with weddings. If your family are driving you mad trying to get you to invite all & sundry, put your foot down & tell them it will be an intimate wedding for friends & close family only. Alternatively go on your own & send them pictures!Con: Family Members & Friends You Love May Not Be There Having a wedding some distance from your normal place of residence can mean that certain guests will not be able to attend either because of the cost of getting there and accommodation or perhaps because they cannot travel any great distance. Make those people particularly close to you aware of your plans before you book and send out your invitations.Pro: Youll Save Money By Not Having 200 People at a Reception Typically a destination wedding can cost less than a traditional at home affair. But be aware that wedding etiquette calls for the bride and groom to pay for the hotel accommodation of their guests, along with food & most other expenses. Your guests will only pay for their own airfares girl in a dress .

If this is outside your budget, look for alternative locations a bit closer to home or consider a smaller guest list.Con: Some of your loved ones may not be able to afford to travel that far You may have to consider paying some or all of the fares to get the people who matter to you most to your wedding bride dresses .

Again, talk to them beforehand and see if you can come to some arrangement which suits you all. One solution maybe is to ask the travel agents about discounts for group bookings.Pro: By Combining Wedding and Honeymoon, You can afford to go to that Dream Honeymoon Locale A destination wedding offers you the luxury of being able to combine your wedding and honeymoon in a fabulous location. Some travel companies will offer packages which will see you married in one location and then whisked away to another destination for your honeymoon dress in black .

All of which would cost you less than booking a traditional wedding at home and a separate honeymoon.Con: With Your Family Around, and a Wedding to Worry About, Will You Really Get a Honeymoon?This is really down to you and the understanding of your guests. Look into going to another hotel or location after the wedding where you can enjoy some time alone. Book into your destination a few days early or arrange to leave a few days after all your guests have gone home. If neither of these is possible then make sure your guests will have plenty of things to occupy them after the wedding so you can both spend some time alone.